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The Vibe Properties offer unique living experiences all over Texas, but San Marcos is a hidden jewel! The Vibe Victorious is specific to people in long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol. Enjoy beautiful San Marcos and live your best life! If you have completed at least six months of sober living and are ready for the next step, we have you covered.  Our sober living apartments provide a safe, supportive, and judgment-free environment for those in recovery. We offer a variety of activities and resources, such as yoga, meditation, and support groups, to help our tenants stay on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Our tight-knit community provides a positive and uplifting atmosphere where people can live, learn, and grow together.

Our sober living apartments offer a priceless service for those in recovery from addiction. People who participate in both outpatient addiction care and sober living communities tend to do well in sobriety, with studies showing that people who received this level of care particularly fared well on measures of both addiction and employment. Staying in one of our sober living apartments is a great way to help ensure your future success and maintain your sobriety!

If you can abide by our community guidelines and are committed to your recovery, we have a place for you! 


  • Provide proof of prior treatment, a referral from your sober living house, or speak with leadership about your recovery journey.

  • Submitting urine screenings periodically

  • Signing an agreement that prohibits the possession of addictive substances onto the premises

  • Attending support group meetings on the grounds of the facility, your plan will be your own; no one size fits all here.

  • Participate in keeping a tidy apartment shared with two other roommates (everyone has their own bedroom)

  • Pay rent on time each month.

Breaking the rules will result in removal from the property, so people must understand all the requirements before moving in.

Community Park

Outdoor community areas providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for our residents. Grill, hang out, do yoga and  meditate with us.


Join us for weekly morning yoga, locations will change depending on weather conditions.  

gym membership

San Marcos is the perfect place to stay fit and healthy! You can keep up with your workout routine. Our staff is here to help you reach and maintain your fitness goals.


 In-residence group meetings. Learn where you live!

Art, AA, Healthy Nutrition, Relapse prevention, Communication skills, art, and more.

[y]our community

Support staff

Our staff is well versed in Long term recovery, here to help you along the way. We look forward to working with you to see how we can best be of service.

Hiking trails

We are conveniently located just next door to Schulle Canyon Nature Area. So if morning hikes are your thing, we have you covered. 


Your apartment rental comes with ample parking space for you and a guest! If you have been in San Marcos long, you know parking in the city is like finding gold!


Online bill-pay, online maintenance requests, close to campus, shopping, the river, and more!


San Marcos is a small town with the amenities of a busy city. Rich in arts, culture, music, and natural beauty, you can always find something to do. Check out Visit San Marcos for more info.

the experience

You can dip a paddle, day or night, in the spring-fed San Marcos River. Hike trails in nature preserves, all right in the center of town. Immerse yourself in art, stroll past murals and be mesmerized by fine painters in the same evening. 

Visit San Marcos


Keep up with all the latest happenings here. There is always something going on. Make some new friends, find some new hobbies or just do what you love. San Marcos has you covered. 


Shopping small, mural hunting, getting tasty treats and so much more - you're always in for a fun time while exploring Downtown San Marcos!

Visit San Marcos

location  information

Colleges & Universities

Texas State University

Drive: 1 min / 0.4 mi

Austin Community College Hays (Kyle)

Drive: 23 min / 15.9 mi

The University of Texas San Antonio

Drive: 56 min /53.4 mi

The Vibe is within 1 minute or 0.4 miles from Texas State University, San Marcos. 

Parks and Recreation

Wonder World Park

Drive: 5 min / 1.8 mi

San Marcos Nature Center (temporarily closed - see website)

Drive: 6 min / 2.5 mi

San Marcos Aquatic Resources Center

Drive: 9 min / 4.8 mi

The Vibe has three parks within 4.8 miles, including Wonder World Park, San Marcos Nature Center, and San Marcos Aquatic Resources Center.

Parks and Recreation

Wonder World Park

Drive: 5 min / 1.8 mi

San Marcos Nature Center 

Drive: 6 min / 2.5 mi

San Marcos Aquatic Resources Center

Drive: 9 min / 4.8 mi

The Vibe has 3 parks within 4.8 miles, including Wonder World Park, San Marcos Nature Center (temporarily closed - see website), and San Marcos Aquatic Resources Center.

Shopping Centers

Crestwood Center

Drive: 1 min / 1.0 mi

Centre At San Marcos

Drive: 4 min / 1.6 mi

The Off Center

Drive: 4 min / 1.8 mi

The Vibe has three shopping centers within 1.8 miles. 

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The Vibe Properties team is a passionate group of community leaders and experienced recovery professionals who are committed to providing outstanding customer service and top-notch rental experiences. With their wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, you can trust that you will be in capable hands.

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our mission

At The Vibe Properties, our mission is to provide a supportive and healing sober community where individuals can transition into long-term sobriety. We offer a safe and sober living environment that encourages personal growth and development. We believe that with the right tools and support, anyone can recover from addiction and start living a fulfilling life.

community partners

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sober & mental health resources we recommend for more intensive care

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To apply, we will need a credit application on file. We understand in recovery bad credit and criminal background can often be a barrier to admissions. We are always ready to help you out. We need this for leagal resons but want you to know we believe in progress not perfection. We will work with each individual on a case-by-case basis. Once approved, you will need your deposit of 300.00  to hold a room and your first months rent before moving in.

We look forward to welcoming you into the community! 

Contact The Vibe

145.4 Coers 

San Marcos, TX 78666


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