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sober apartments what?

who we are & how we got here

We understand the concept may seem out of the norm, but hear us out. We are building a sober community in San Marcos—a place for people in long-term recovery to start their new lives. We all come from very different backgrounds, volunteer our time and talents, and use experience, strength, and hope to carry the message. The message is that that recovery is possible. Not only can you live this way,  you can build a life worth living for. 

Meet our team and hear what members have to say. 

Welcome to the Vibe! 

Stephanie Ramirezz-Pelletier
Stephanie Ramirez Pelletier


Stephanie Ramirez-Pelletier understands the struggle with addiction and is passionate about providing a safe and supportive environment for others in recovery. Stephanie has lost and survived so many things in life. She looks at every new member as a whole person. She understands, at a core level, the struggles associated with mental health and addiction. If she can't help you, she knows someone who can.  She has been in the recovery world for the past decade and has been sober from alcohol for seven years.  For her, PTSD therapy, AA, yoga, gyms, art, and  DBT therapy are what keep her sober.

Stephanie has had a beautiful career in marketing and design for many years, quite a few of those years she spent working with and alongside substance abuse centers, inpatient treatment centers, and mental health facilities all over Texas.  Two years ago, she left corporate life to start a family-owned business with her children. They are now professional artists muraling all over Texas. The Vibe is a passion project born from personal loss due to addiction. She is building it with friends and family to bring something needed to San Marcos. 


Stephanie strives to see the Vibe become a hub in San Marcos. It has public community events and a fantastic reputation, and it is a place where great people start over with excellent foundations. 



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soren-community lead

Soren runs our mens apartments. He works hard to ensure the guys have a safe place to call home. His passions are many but know this about him; all conversations will come back to fishing. He is passionate about his family and has worked hard to rebuild his life.  He has done a bit of everything in his recovery, but some things he is most proud of are:

his position as assistant residence manager at the Salvation Army in Oakland, California and

being re-entry coordinator with Oxford House sober living in Houston, Texas.

He brings wisdom, grace, and calm to all situations. 

Soren facilitates our regular group activities and enjoys time outside or cooking with everyone. He is a friend to all. We are grateful to have him!

anna-director of operations

Anna’s interest in working with the outsiders and vulnerable populations precedes her own recovery by many years.  She lost her mom to addiction at 15, and concurrently set out on two paths.  A wild and perilous path spiraled the straight and narrow path, but the paths still managed to intersect and move forward when it mattered most.  She received a B.A. in Psychology at the University of Texas in 2006 and found her calling to work in mental health in 2012.  All the while, she earned her hard knock credentials in New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina.  While teaching life skills classes to teens in foster care, she finally surrendered to the fact that she could not transmit something she didn’t have.  


When she decided to get sober in 2021, she went all in.  She was willing to make sacrifices and do whatever it took.  She completed the full continuum of care at a 12-step based treatment, 8 months in sober living, and another 8 months as a sober living house manager.  She fell in love with the community and quickly became an active member in every respect.  Her greatest discoveries along the way were that she didn’t have to turn away from her community of outsiders, that she could turn her mess into her message, and that it wasn’t too late to dream big.  She joined The Vibe as a co-founder and Director of Operations in 2023 and is currently working on her LCDC.  She brings to the table leadership, organization, compassion, and tough love, but more importantly, eccentricity, dark humor, and style.

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mike-vibe outreach

The Vibe is not just a sober living community; it's a place of transformation and recovery. Michael leads our Sunday Outreach. He focuses on outdoor activities, meetings, personal growth, and connection. He understands the unique challenges faced in recovering from addiction and is committed to providing outreach events that help San Marcos residents find healthy and fun ways to connect.

 He was born and raised here in the great state of Texas. He spent a lot of time in chains from addiction; however, since finding a higher power, solution, and community of recovering addicts and alcoholics, His life has completely transformed! Now, he spends his days helping others and chilling with his new sober family! 

"Moving to the Vibe has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made. The connections, support, and fun I’ve experienced living here have been paramount to my recovery."

See what we are about and vibe with us! 

If you want to connect and plan some community events, fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

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more team members...

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building upgrades & community improvements

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marketing &

community improvements

what our
members say...

Man in Denim Jacket

"I was welcomed with a family centric Vibe with a genuine focus on not just mainstreaming sobriety but enriching the lives of others doing their best. Felt at home and a new level of support.

— T

Woman with Braids

" this is not your average sober living. The Vibe quickly became the place I am excited to call home.

— A

Studio Portrait

For me The Vibe gives me the opportunity at fellowship in the recovery community without the unpredictability that comes when living with ppl who are not mature in their recovery. 

I feel everyone who is here has been drawn together like magnets. Similar souls brought together because of what we have been through and are desiring to go. 

— S

Man with Beard

"When I talked with Stephanie, and she explained the mission of this place ... it resonated with me very strongly. I felt like she was describing my experience perfectly. Detox - rehab - sober house - relapse: check, many times, unfortunately. I knew I had to do something different this time, and moving out to my own place, well, that would have been statistically ill-advised. It is life and death for me at this point. I heard someone say once I may have more relapses in me, but

I don't know how many recoveries I have left."

— L


our mission

At The Vibe Properties, our mission is to provide a supportive and healing sober community where individuals can transition into long-term sobriety. We offer a safe and sober living environment that encourages personal growth and development. We believe that with the right tools and support, anyone can recover from addiction and start living a fulfilling life.


Tel. 512.934.1277

145 Coers Dr, 
San Marcos, TX 78666




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